Olib 2015

We invite you to join us at the international family Waldorf Summer Camp which is to take place from the August 2nd to 16th and 17th to 23rd 2015 on the beautiful island of Olib! So this year there is an option to stay on Olib for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or only the 3rd week. See the pricing details here.



Olib is one of the most beautiful Croatian islands located in the Zadar archipelago. There is only one village on the island that dates back to Roman times, but has many lovely and hidden coves, as well as the wide, sandy and shallow beaches offering great opportunities for bathing, boating and playing. There are no cars and the island has a quiet, relaxing and friendly atmosphere. There are a few restaurants, bars (Milivoj's bar by the mole is very well known for their offerings and music!), a shop, post office, exchange office and tourist board office. Olib island is a great place for cycling!


Also for this camp we have prepared workshops for children and parents: woodcarving, circus, yoga, Croatian language course, music workshop, acrobatics, social games and outdoor games.


Circus for Kids

We will have a lot of fun practicing circus skills like acrobatics, juggling, balancing, clowning and a few magic tricks. After trying everything they want, the kids will choose a few elements to practice with. Then, at the end, we would like to make a nice performance.



This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn one of the techniques of traditional archery. We will practice with hungarian magyar bows and arrows. This practice makes it easier to concentrate and relax and to find the middle point between up and down and right and left. It can be a kind of meditation if we make slow and integral movements.


Acrobatics & Juggling

In the first part of this workshop we will practice some general physical movements. Then we will start practicing acrobatics from the basic exercices to more dificult ones, depending on how we feel and how well we prepare our bodies – the muscles need to learn to be in tension at the right moment and to find the balance between different movements.

Croatian Language

You think Croatian language is to complex and impossible to learn? You will change your opinion if you join this cheerful workshop, full of laugh and joy. Get to know the basics of the Croatian language in a fun way with a song, recitation, acting and socializing with Lada and Helena. Final performance will reveal a hidden actor in you!



With Lidija, we practice yoga to find again our inner peace that connects us to the universal energy and opens us to love. We practice in the morning in a pine forest, listening to the waves. The physical exercises strengthen and relax your body, while the breathing exercises activate our vital energy. The power of yoga healing will increase your memory power, enthusiasm, and positive approach to life.


Arts & Crafts

Petar will never teach you how to move you brush or take care about perspective, but he will definitely discover a real and hidden artist in you! This year we will focus on woodcarving, making wooden sculptures, boats and other nice things. For those of you who love painting we will offer also this possibility - you should just tell us on time so we can provide canvas and colors for you. Kids will create art by combining different materials collected around us and transform into art by their rich imagination! It's good to remember that Petar's workshops always focus on process rather than “perfect” results.


Singing & Playing

During this workshop we will sing and play, so don't forget to bring your instruments! There is no need for any specific musical knowledge.

Voice exercises are made through a series of exercises based on folk music tradition. Repertoire learning includes a first phase in which whole group studies the original melody with special attention to the phonetics, proceeding to work on polyphony. The third phase includes performance with musical instruments with cooperation of many musicians or amateurs.

Vanni is preparing new songs for us!


Social games for children

With Igor fun never ends: guided and organized games for the smallest ones and for older children. In addition to creative and educational contents enriching our joint vacations, our favorite aim is to experience, together with our children, the joy of a regular human contact through live word, movement, music and other activities.

National Evenings

We are also going to continue with the National Evenings which are a firm tradition. National evenings are good oportunity to connect with other nations and to teach others about your country!